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Analytical Evaluation of Most Effective Diagrid Angle Considering Severe Earthquake Time Histories

High rise structures and their structural mechanisms are evolving drastically due to an exponential growth of urbanization. Few conventional structural systems have been efficient in withstanding heavy wind gusts as well as earthquakes. A newcomer in the list of sustainable high-rise structures is the diagrid. A diagonal grid or diagrid structure is a framework of diagonally intersecting inclined column sections. Due to higher resilience and robustness, the trend is rapidly shifting towards diagrid. Diagrid structures are adopted as they take into account a number of factors like structural stability, aesthetic appearance and economic considerations. The triangulated formation of columns and ring beams transform all the external forces into direct axial forces. The effectiveness of the diagrid mechanism depends on the angle of the diagrid. In this project, analysis of symmetric diagrid building, with various diagrid angles has been carried out using software SAP2000. The analysis results for top storey displacement, base shear and modal frequency are considered for evaluating the optimal range of diagrid angle considering earthquake time histories. Keywords - Diagrid Structure, Tall Buildings, Time History Analysis, Optimal Angle