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The Correlation between Population Growth and Poverty

There exists a prevailing assumption that poverty and population growth are linked and that, the poverty that subsists in a country could be brought about by population growth. This paper examines if direct correlation between the rate of population growth and poverty in the Philippines can be established. The paper took data of population growth rate and poverty incidences, from government’s Philippines Statistics Authority. We did a cross comparison of both data and identified years from 1985 to 2015 in which growth rate was high and poverty incidence was also high. We examined the prevailing socio-political and economic conditions of the chosen years and determined if population growth or growth rate proved to be one of the causes of poverty incidence. Cross comparison of data shows that as the rate of population growth slows down, the percentage of poverty incidence year over year also decreases. However, as the total population increases, poverty incidence percentage decreases. This decrement is mainly brought about by the increase in the number of people who have reached legal working age and can be the result of higher employment in industrial and service sectors. It is also important to note that the number of workers in the agricultural sector, in which some of the highest percentage of poverty incidence has been recorded, falls significantly over several years. Thus, the paper finds that poverty is mainly caused by other factors rather than population growth rate. Keywords - Correlation, Population Growth And Poverty, Socio-Political And Economic