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Globalization of Education and The Problem of Public Administration in Nigeria

Education is one of the most fundamental instruments through which a nation can be said to be developed, but due to the issue of administration and management control in Nigeria this developmental stride is gradually eluding Nigeria and African in general. Globalization of education has from time been one of the major contributions of Europeans to Nigerian, which was to serve as a globalized education, and this in essence will stop the problem of forceful external migrationof African out of Africa. The problem of public administration and mismanagement of public fund as to that effect hamper the process of having a globalized education, which would have made it much easier for one to be educated in a particular continent and the certificate acquired be used anywhere around the globe.Using the method of empirical interpretation the research reveals that for education to be globalized, the issue of corruption which has deep root in Nigeria needs serious attention, which the study sets out to tackle. Keywords - Globalization of Education, Minority Rights, Public Administration, Mismanagement of Public Fund and Corruption