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The Resources of Successful Completing The MASTER´S Degree

The presentation is based on my new book The Psychology of Study Success in Universities (KaarinaMäättä& Satu Uusiautti, authors, published by Routledge in 2018). In my presentation I will discuss research on study success. Today, efficiency requirements and productivity expectations have a great influence on studies in colleges and universities. How to enhance the smoothness of university studies from the students´ point of view? This study introduces the resources and study approaches that are needed in students when aiming at completing the Master´s degree as described by Master students and alumni, who are people having graduated as Masters earlier. The data were collected at the University of Lapland in Finland. The data collection took place during a so-called Master´s workshop where 110 students from different colleges at the University performing Master´s studies participated. Alumni presented their viewpoints and experiences of the knots of studies and about the different phases of studies and their coping strategies. What do Master´s studies require? And what are successful Master graduates made of? The participants´ viewpoints were analyzed through qualitative content analyses. The findings were divided into 12 themes. The findings illustrate the various dimensions of study processes at universities and form a useful presentation of the factors that should be considered when aiming at supporting students´ smooth processes. Keywords - Master´Degree, Successful Studing, University Studies, Alumni.