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Scope of IoT in Agriculture with Reference to Developing Countries

Agriculture is surely the backbone of any country especially to developing countries such as India and Nepal. Farming these days are facing larger and serious issues like failing of rainfall, pests and diseases, defragmentation of land, serious water shortage and many more. The way that agriculture was done for centuries long is now seem to be impossible for the pressing concerns. On the other hand, technology has grown to an extent that it is much capable of revolutionizing the field of agriculture for good. Technologies such as IoT have the potential to transform agriculture in many aspects like data collection and processing on weather conditions, soil quality, crop’s growth progress or cattle health, better control over the farming process resulting in lower production risks, Increased farming efficiency through automation, enhanced harvest quality and volumes and many more through precision farming. When IoT is coupled with even advanced technologies like image processing, machine learning, AR & VR, It can push farming to a whole new capacity and productivity. The fundamental architecture and support systems that are needed to establish an IoT monitored farming is discussed with their impact on the farmer’s community. The future prospects of the technology is also given a critical study and elaborated. Keywords - IoT, Precision Farming, Image Processing, Machine Learning.