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Design and Implementation of Group Tour Management System using GPS and Bluetooth

Recently, citizens traveling overseas have been exponentially increased thanks to the increased interest in foreign countries from globalization and the raised income level. Individual traveling is the case but there are many cases to choose group tours due to convenience and saving cost. However, it is hard for group leaders to control the members in the group tours, causing the tourists to lose the way or exposing many accidents and crimes such as negligent accidents, disappearances, and so on. In this paper, the system is suggested to control the tourist groups easily using the functions of GPS and Bluetooth. Using this system, the group leaders can know the number of members and their locations real time basis. As a result, this system will secure the easiness of control to be able to prevent the negligent accidents. Also, it will minimize time consuming by quickly calling the roll with the system using the characteristics of Bluetooth. Keywords- Group tour, Attendance check system, Global Positioning System, Tour application, Bluetooth