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Physical Vulnerabilities Semiconductor Company Data Centers and Testing Measures

Data centers represent a key technology in an increasingly digitized world. They house the servers and storage systems with their associated network components so that applications are present with the agreed availability and the required performance. Equally important is the physical infrastructure that provides the power and cooling for these components, as well as permitting the monitoring of all the operating parameters. Increasing importance is being given to all aspects of security. This starts with well-known anti-virus protection and firewall systems, although protection against physical threats also calls for increasing attention. Besides defense against such very real threats as burglary and theft, it also involves avoiding “traditional” potential dangers of fire, smoke, water and dust, to only name but a few. This research uses the data gathered from various semiconductor companies in South East Asiato explore each of these Data Center threats and identifies the measures that can be used to counter physical hazards. Keywords - Data Center, IT Security, Physical Security, Physical Hazards