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Number of Material Handling Equipment in Warehouse Determination Using Plant Simulation

According to the current operational report in AAA company’s warehouse, it shows the uncertain capacity can be completely stored for an inbound process. To maintain the number of inbound products at target, the optimal number of both workers and material handling equipment is required. Recently, an average amount of inbound is 1, 184 pallets/day but the company’s target is 1,300 pallets/day which can be raised to support the number of increasing products from the production line in nearly future. The inbound process is done by four tasks; unloading product, checking, moving to rack and reserved location storage, respectively. The bottleneck of an inbound process is identified and solved by line balancing theory with results of the workload from plant simulation. Tecnomatix plant simulation is applied in this paper to perform a model to determine the optimal number of resources required to achieve the target. Keywords- Bottleneck, Line Balancing, Material Handling Equipment, Tecnomatix Plant simulation, Warehouse