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The Observational Study on Electronicwaste Dismantling Communityin Buriram, Thailand

At present, the numerous electronic wastes (e-waste) are increased rapidly in Thailand, and this leads to expansion of informale-waste dismantling in a rural community. The physical dismantling through cutting, scattering, splitting processwas mainly used for removing parts of e-waste for sale. This study aimed to investigate the current situation of informal e-waste dismantling in two representative areas, including Daeng Yai Sub-district, Ban Mai Chaiyapot district, and Ban Pao Sub-district, Puttatisong district, Buriram, Thailand. The data on types andamount of e-waste taken into the community for dismantling and separated valuable materials was collectedfrom workers by using face-to-face questionnaire interview in December 2018. The results showedthat the highest amount of five e-waste typeswas ranked fromtelevision, washing machine, computer, refrigerators, and air conditioners, respectively. The intake rate of e-waste for the community was in the range of 60 to 9,240 units/household/year depending on types and sizes of the e-waste dismantling operation. The maximum amount of television, washing machine, and computer wasapproximately estimated as the rate of 2400units/year/household, followed by refrigerators and air conditioners with the values of 1440 and 600 units/year/household, respectively. After disassembly of e-waste, five valuable materials obtained in the descending order were iron, plastic, aluminum, copper, and brasswhich accounted for 72.00, 48.00, 12.00, 8.40, and 1.40 kgs/year/household, respectively, and 0.50 to 141.80 kg/household/year for total range. The e-waste dismantling workers has worked mostly for more than ten years, and only56.4% of them usedpersonal protective equipment (PPE) every time during working. This result revealed that the workers in this area havethe potential to be at risk from long-term exposure to some hazardous substancesreleased from the e-waste dismantling process, and their health effects should be surveillance. Keywords - Electronic Waste, Electronic Waste Dismantling Worker