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Meshing of Three Dimensional Objects with Effective Cost or Energy Function

In this note the process of meshing different types of three-dimensional objects like pentahedron, hexahedron etc. by triangulation with effective energy or cost function will be discussed so that they can be utilized in Engineering and Applied sciences and in day to day life. The methods of meshing will be considered by P-well centered pyramidisation of simple domains inℝ3. We discuss the characterization of energy function of three dimensional objects using Base Diagonal Apex Method (BDAMe) and we have shown that the energy function or cost function lies between 0 and 1. We have also developed a modified cost function or energy function for 3-D shapes, for a good quality meshing we give a beautiful theorem. Keywords - Meshing, N-Simplex, P-Well-Centered, Completely Well-Centered, Space Diagonal, Dihedral, Face Angles, Pentahedron, Hexahedron, Cost Function .