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Energy Intake as A Dominant Factor of Obesity Among High School Student

Obesity is a public health problem that occurs in developed and developing countries, including Indonesia. Obesity problems can occur in children, adolescents and adults.Obesity is the condition of excess fat in the adiposa tissue, which influenced by lifestyle, environment and genetic factors. The purpose of this study to determine the dominant factor that is associated with obesity in selected high school student in Bandung City, Indonesia.The study was cross sectional design using primary data with 227 students. Analysis data used chi-square test and multiple logistic regression. The study showed there was 21.1% student obesity. The were association between family obesity history (p = 0,026),birth weight (p=0,032), breakfast habit (p=0,004), energy intake p=(0,035), mother’s nutrirional status (p=0,001), father’s nutirional status p=(0,009) with obesity. Based on logistic regression analysis found that energy intake as dominant factor of obesity (p = 0,035) and OR 7,222 (95% CI: 1,145-45,549), that mean that the student who had high energy intake might be have the risk of obesity 7,222 times after controlled variable breakfast habits, mother's nutritional status, father's nutritional status, mother’s bearing age, birth weight, and pocket money. It is expected that student more concerned about nutritional intake to avoid health problems. Keyword- Adolescent, Energy Intake, Obesity, Student.