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Using the Plissit Model in Individuals with Breast Cancer

Mastectomy is one of the most common treatments for breast cancer. Patients who undergo surgery that require radical body image changes experience negative feelings, especially about sexual problems. Mastectomy has negative effects on quality of life and sexual functioning. In this review, we aimed to introduce PLISSIT model which will guide nurses in the evaluation of sexuality. The PLISSIT model provides a framework for nursing interventions at the earliest stage of patients' distress. This model helps nurses to provide feedback. It provides an assessment of existing sexual lives, quality of life and sexual functioning. The PLISSIT model, which is one of the guiding models for nursing care in individuals with post-mastectomy sexual dysfunction in breast cancer, is a useful model recommended for nurses to help in eliminating sexual problems. Keywords - Breast Cancer, Female, Mastectomy, PLISSIT Model, Sexual Function