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The Community Participation in Marketing Promotion of the Development of Packaging for Herbal Products

This research looks at the community participating in marketing promotion of herbal packaging development. The objective is to study the packaging form that is suitable for the 9 Oui brand herbal products in designing and development, and to compare the sales and study the satisfaction of consumers towards the packaging of the branded herbs. 9 Oui is a new format in the structure and graphics of the Herbal Community Enterprise Group of the Rim Nuea district, Muang in Chiang Mai. The population and sample groups of this research will study the design and development of 9 Oui products by participatory research at the Community Enterprise, Rim Nuea Sub-district, Mae Rim District, of Chiang Mai Province. The package design consists of three people who are the inspectors and make an evaluation on the package design work. Also, a study is done to see the satisfaction rate with the new packaging model from the 200 consumers and tourists interested in the 9 Oui brand herbal products. The tools used in the research were field survey, data collection, interview, participation, questionnaires and satisfaction assessment forms on the community. The results of the study revealed the following: 1. The form of packaging that is suitable for the herbal 9 Oui products must be able to secure the items to maintain its original condition. This can assure on maintaining quality and meeting with requirements on the convenience of transportation from the manufacturer to the consumer for preventing damages that may occur during transportation. The packaging must be more diverse and highly beautiful to capture the buyer’s attention. Eye-catching sight of both the design, shape and type of materials used must stimulate an interest with the customers. With consideration to the beauty, ease of use is a necessity because the packaging is made from first-class materials. Also, beautiful designs will help the product look more valuable and luxurious as well as with higher levels that allow manufacturers to be able to set higher prices on the product. 2. Design and development of 9 Oui brand herbal product packaging. Design guidelines are defined for every piece of the packaging. Design is in the same direction and shows the uniqueness of the Herbal Community Enterprise Group 9 Oui Packaging Structure Design: carrying out the structural package design. Both are in the form of stickers and the structure of the packaging box with a computer graphic design on the package: Perform graphic design on the package with regards to the components on the package that has an appropriate color scheme and media coverage. 3. Comparison of sales before and after the development of a new 9 Oui brand herbal product packaging. It was discovered that the development of a new 9 Oui herb product packaging led to an increase in sales. Based on the satisfaction survey of 200 consumers and tourists who decided to buy the 9 Oui herb products the figures were very high with an average of 4.63. Keywords - Packaging development, Community participation, Marketing Promotion