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Strategic Networking among Strawberry Farmers in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

This paper aims to strengthen the community through a collaborative learning from participatory action research. The objective is to study the operating conditions of the Strawberry Processing Agricultural Housewife Group. To examine the factors affecting the participation of people in the community. To develop the production processes and distribution of the Processed Strawberries of Agricultural Housewife Groups, and to find ways for having the Ban Pong Yang Nok Agricultural Housewife Group join in participation for creating a community that is strong and skillful. This research project uses concepts and theories as operational frameworks such as business networking, group building process, and sustainable development. It is a qualitative research focusing on participatory action research as it is considered a democratic, equitable, liberating, and life-enhancing qualitative inquiry (Kach and Kralik, 2006).Thematic Analysis was the main guideline for explaining the phenomena through the research presentation and identifying themes in the data that are important or interesting, and these themes were applied to address the research or say something about the phenomena (Maguire and Delahunt, 2017). This research provided a number of contribution and advancement to the existing body of knowledge and managerial practice in the areas of business networking and sustainable development. Keywords - Networking, Participation, Strengthening