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Network Failures And Root Cause Analysis: An Approach Using Graph Databases

Detecting the origin of a problem in network failures plays an important role to troubleshoot in order to function accurately. The structure of the network itself creates an ambiguity due to the non-sequential functionality of it. One of the optimal sources which tackle�s the network related issues are Graph Databases. Root Cause Analysis is one of the application areas of Graph Databases as its data model which itself persuade its structure in the form of network. Though the portion of the network which was damaged is negligible when compare to its size, the impact on the network is unimaginable sometimes. Due to the flexibility to deal with network issues major focus was given to Neo4j Graph Database and its specific query language Cypher. This paper presents the salient features of Neo4j Graph Database make it possible to identify the Root Cause in the network with proper executions and outputs. Keywords�Graph Database; Flexibility; Troubleshoot; Route Cause