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Examining the Effects of Corrective-Feedback on L2 Learner’s Written Productions While Task Complexity is Considered

Previous studies examined the effectiveness of different types of corrective-feedback (CF) in improving the accuracy and its effect on second language (L2) learners’ writing (Ahmadi et al. 2012; Farid & Samad, 2012; Kamberi, 2013; Lyster & Sato, 2010). However, little has examined the effects of feedback on L2 writing (Adel & Nik, 2014a; Zailin, Nik & Ainol, 2012) particularly when task complexity factor is concerned (Adams, Newton, Amani, & Nik, 2014).Therefore, the current study intended to examine the effects of implicit corrective feedback (ICF) and task complexity on complexity, accuracy and fluency (CAF) of L2 learner written production. Thirty-seven (N=37) undergraduate L2 learners of different engineering majors at a technical university in Malaysia participated in the study. The data was collected in two stages as a pretest and posttest. The learners were randomly assigned to +reasoning demand (+RD) and –reasoning demand (-RD) groups based on task complexity framework (Robinson, 2007). Within an hour, each learner in the two groups was required to complete essay writing on a topic (communication at workplace). Learners in the complex task (+RD) group were given causal reasoning factors as the points to be included in the content while learners in the less complex task (-RD) group were given freedom to include any points in the content of their essay writing. Implicit CF was given to each of the essay in a week interval. During the posttest, each learner was required to revise his/ her essay based on the implicit CF provided. This activity was completed in an hour. Collected data from pre and posttests were analyzed using t-test. Results of the study indicated that an increase in task complexity along resource-directing variable (+/-reasoning demand) and implicit CF affected accuracy of learner written productions while no effects were found on complexity and fluency of their written productions. The study highlighted that ICF and task complexity deemed important in a L2 setting and both can affect learner written productions. Keywords - ICF, Task complexity, CAF