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The Role of Agrominerals in Water Crisis in Iran

Increase agricultural production to meet the needs of today's population, have raised concerns about future food security for the people. So, geology and its relationship with soil type and effects on quality and quantity of sustainable agricultural crops have more concerned, recently. Contamination of water, soil, air, soil erosion, pest resistance to pesticides and spread fertilizer has caused returning to the conservation of agro-biology. Sustainable Agriculture and sustainable development of agriculture policy, experts urged that much of the minerals in order to help meet the nutritional needs of plants. This research is descriptive method and required information were provided via internet and library resources. This paper also reviews the one hand, environmental effects of agricultural fertilizers and other hand solutions which offered by this application to improve the environmental problems in Iran. It has tried to answer the question, which minerals can be used in industry, agriculture as agricultural fertilizer. Also, we discuss on the relationship between geology, soil and water in Iran and their role on water quality and quantity of agriculture. In order to enhance cultivation productivity, local potential of the earth is needed to be considered. Keywords - Agrogeology, Geological Minerals, Agricultural Fertilizer, Water Crisis, Iran .