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Preparation of Textured (Na0.473K0.473Li0.04Sr0.007) (Nb0.883Ta0.05Sb0.06Ti0.007)O3 Ceramics Templates by The Reactive Templated Grain Growth

In this paper, the lead-free nonstoichiometric (Na0.473K0.473Li0.04Sr0.007)(Nb0.883Ta0.05Sb0.06Ti0.007)O3(NKLNS-ST)textured ceramics are fabricated by using the reactive templated grain growth method. The microstructure, dielectric and piezoelectric properties are compared with the non-textured NKLNTS-ST ceramics prepared by the same tape casting method. Highly textured NKLNTS-ST ceramics are obtainedwith outstanding piezoelectric properties, d33 = 324 (pC/N), kp=45(%), d33×g33 = 6804(10-15m2/N) and tanδ=0.012. The response mechanism is suggested thatthe outstanding piezoelectric properties are caused by thehigh grain orientation F = 91 (%) for NKLNTS-ST textured ceramics. Keywords - Lead-Free, Textured Ceramics, NaNbO3 Template, Piezoelectric Properties