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Study on Efficacy of Ring Roads for Urban Development, by Using Japanese’s Experiences. “Case of Kinshasa’’

Kinshasa, one of the biggest cities in Africa, is in need to start changing its condition and function of the roads. The last study on the Transportation Master Plan sets out the traffic congestion and the estimation of the future population. These elements bring many difficulties with useful urban function. To decongest traffic and meet the future demand, by improving roads network, remains the primary idea. Our Research-Based on analysis of the efficacy of the Ring Roads by using Japanese experiences and point out vital and necessary results . From the inspection on the fields, in Nagoya, Utsunomiya, Sapporo, and the usage of some documentation, we found that the beltway plays a crucial role to reduce the cross traffic flow in the city core and secure the shape of the metropolitan area, that will be useful as a solution. Keywords - Roads Network, Traffic Congestion, Transport Mode, Traffic survey.