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Action Plan for Raising the International Awareness about the Seaside Climatic Resort Ureki Treatment Properties

The article deals with the research results, the concept covers the action plan and poses the concrete steps to raise international awareness about the unique treatment properties of the seaside climatic resort Ureki and its popularization worldwide. Traveling for medical purposes reckons several stages and years in the history of tourism development. It dates back to antiquity and since then it’s an example of a rapid rise in search of various medical treatments and solutions. In Georgia, the word medicine is related to the daughter Medea (Fast and effective treatment of wounds was among the therapeutic manipulations Medea mastered) of king Aeëtes of Colchis (Colchis was established on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, in XIII-XII BC). The country is rich in numerous climatic, recreational and treatment resorts; among them, Ureki – the seaside climatic resort located at the Black Sea Coast is neither the exception. The main medical factor of Ureki is sea air, magnetic sand (stronger magnetic sands than in Bulgaria and Kamchatka (Russia) and pine groves stretching along the entire coast turn the resort into a unique spa destination. The strongest therapeutic effect is achieved by naturally heating the sand, exposed to direct sunlight. The number of diseases that can be treated in Ureki is as followed: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, respiratory systems and metabolism. Keywords - Balneology, resort, Ureki, sand, treatment