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Enotherapy in Georgian Tourism

Wine is the business card of Georgia, the world boldly declared the country as the "Motherland of wine". 500 species from 2000 grape varieties in the world are Georgian. International visitors/tourists are particularly attracted by/with the experience, traditions and culture that Georgia possesses and can share and offer. Much is written about enotherapy (wine treatment), methods of treatment have a long history and deep roots in Georgia - the country that has an 8,000-year history of viticulture and winemaking. Biological (Medicinal treatment) wine production in Georgia from ecologically pure grapes is already ensured by international certification. Enotherapy is one of the emerging trends in tourism. World experts and professionals predict the growth of Wellness tourism by 6-8% annually. The study represents the results of the International Traveler Survey (Direct) in Georgia. The visitors’ interest in Enotherpay (Wine, wellness) is growing rapidly, as well as wine spa hotels are successfully operating in Georgia. Recommendations about the opportunities for developing traditional and target markets for Enotherapy in Georgia were worked out as well. The research findings will be used to provide interesting analytical information that will help organizations working in the wine tourism sector to improve services and/or prepare/propose marketing strategies for further development. Keywords - Enotherapy, Wine, Tourism, Visitor, Spa Hotels