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Factors Affecting Taguig City Millennials’ Behavioral Intention to Use Digital Wallets on Payment and Remittance Transactions

The current study explored the behavioral intention of Taguig City millennials in using digital wallets to make payments and transfer money. Results showed that attitude (0.441), subjective norm (0.422) and perceived behavioral control (0.433) had significant correlation to intention. Trust (0.417) also had a correlation with intention but the marketing of digital wallet (0.003)had no significant correlation with intention. For Models 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, the regression respectively explained 19.3%, 27.2%, 30.6%, 33.2% and 33.7% of the variance in the data. Keywords - Millennials, Digital Wallets, Remittance, Intention, Payment, Transactions .