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Seasonal Comparison Of An Urban River Using Water Quality Index

Monitoring water quality of rivers is a subject of ongoing concern and research by considering that water is becoming progressively scarce especially in the big cities such as Selangor state. Penchala River is one of the rivers in Selangor state. This area is of particular importance in the study of water quality because it is located at an urban area, with flow through the industrial and residential area. Evaluation of the river water quality status is represented by a water quality index (WQI), which consists of six parameters are BOD, COD, AN, TSS, DO and pH. The objectives of this study are to access the water quality status for this urban river by using monthly WQI data on the wet and dry season. Water samples were collected from four selected sampling sites, which represent the upstream (Station 1), middle-stream (Station 2 and 3) and downstream (Station 4) of the Penchala River. The samples thenwere analyzed following APHA standards methods.Results showed the upstream section of the Penchala River isgood quality, and falls into Class II for both seasons.For middle stream, the WQI decline to Class III for the station 2 for the both seasons, whereas for station 3, the WQI registered Class III in wet seasons and decline to Class IV on dry season.The WQI at thedownstreamsection was classified as Class IV. This results indicated that the water quality of the Penchala River is deteriorating as it travels downstream particularly during the dry season. Keywords - Water Quality; Water Quality Index; Urban River, Wet season, Drought season.