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Measuring Emotional Skills: New Methods & Perspectives

Greatest past scientists (Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Konrad Lorenz) have declared the indissoluble link between motions and life, or biological objects psychological state. In this perspective, new technologies are a very powerful tool to measure emotional skills that refer to the abilities to regulate one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour. We develop a new approach to the identification of emotional skills based on description and analysis of the human energetic field and the recognition of frequencies specific to different emotional states. The objective of this paper is to propose and integrate a new technological based paradigm into a protocol/method to measure social and emotional skills that are relevant for any company, organization to select human resources and to facilitate the development of this type of abilities for employees once hired. The idea is to (i) measure the energy field and to trace its movements using appropriate measuring tools based on bio-photons movements, recorded using highly sophisticated and specific cameras; and (ii) to identify the key factors that represent the main areas of importance even as defined in recent studies by the OECD by means of the language of frequencies. Keywords - Emotional Skills, Measurement Methods, Bioelectro Magnetic Data.