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Teaching Grammar and Culture Using the Topic of Immigration

My presentation will be a pragmatic one on the topic of language in multicultural contexts in a Spanish Intermediate course. From an applied linguistic perspective, and second language acquisition, I will discuss on my research the teaching of the subjunctive mood, and from a cultural point of view, I will use the context of immigration to integrate the grammar component. My presentation includes an explanation of a teaching module, which contents two articles and three songs. The two journalistic articles are about immigration and are written by Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Prize Winner of Literature of 2010. The three songs are from Mexico, Spain and France. The authors are a Mexican group Maná, Manu Chao: a French singer whose parents are from Spain, and Pedro Guerra: a singer and composer from Spain, and learners will listen the version of his song in interpretation of Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel: a duo, also from Spain. My students will read the articles and listen to the songs outside the classroom. Then in class we will discuss first as a whole the three songs, then in pairs they will discuss in detail each song and later both of the articles. After that, in small groups students will produce a poster using the subjunctive mood in which they will reflect their thoughts, doubts, hopes and concerns. Finally, individually they will write a composition about immigration using the subjunctive mood. Keywords - Affective Filter- Cultural Contextualization-Immigration- Realia-Subjunctive Mode