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WLAN Protocol and Network Architecture Identification for Service Mix Applications

This paper proposes an algorithm approach to examine the impact of using different application services with various IEEE technologies in order to identify the optimum technology among different network architectures;Basic Service Set (BSS), Extended Service Set (ESS), and the Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS).Specifically, we utilize an algorithmic and mathematical scheme to allow user/client to analyse the optimum WLAN technology and network architecture’s performance to be used for a given mix of internet applications configured across three spatial distributions (circular, uniform, random).Moreover, the proposed algorithm considers multi-criteria access network selection such as spatial distribution and number of nodes, hence to facilitate the provision of the best overall network performance and high-quality services. For further throughput enhancement, we adopt the Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for each application to develop a computational algorithm model to provide precise numerical results used to rank and identify the optimum overall performance’s technologies. Our numerical results corroborate the analytical framework results and demonstrate the strength of the proposed algorithm. Keywords - VoIP, Video Conferencing, IEEE technologies, Performance Analysis, QoS.