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State Sovereignty In The Age Of Globalization

Globalization has overwhelmed the political, economic, and cultural arenas for the last few decades. It is a Western attempt that seeks to cause serious impact on the concept and sovereignty of the national-state, leading to sectarian and ethnic conflicts and dangerous dividing as well. This impact is considered a direct threat to the national security of any state, the Arab ones in particular. With the advent of this new phenomenon, many challenges have risen to the surface. This paper, therefore, attempts to explore the challenges globalization has created, especially in the Arab region. Of particular importance, it sheds light on specific challenges including penetration of state sovereignty, curtailment of its national role, promoting tribal loyalty, and weakening national loyalty. Furthermore, the paper suggests steps to encounter or alleviate the consequences of these challenges such as strengthening the role of the state and promoting the principle of citizenship. Keywords - Sovereignty, National-state, Challenges, Citizenship, Tribe, Arab countries.