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Significance of Face Rekognition – An Amazon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service for the Authentication of Cardless ATM Transactions

Security is one of the most important concerns in the banking industry. Debit and credit card skimming cases are well noted these days all around the world. The traditional ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) services and user credentials are under the siege of hackers. The basic 4-pin authentication technique has got a lot of criticism for being hacked. In this paper, a new face rekognition technique, an Amazon AI (Artificial Intelligence) service, is introduced for the cardless ATM transaction which replaces the debit and credit cards. The architecture involves the web interface application, compute, storage, database, and identity and access management services which will be further demonstrated in the research paper. The process is determined to be implemented on the cloud computing platform and the selected cloud service provider is AWS (Amazon Web Services).A survey is conducted to gather the opinions from the general banking customers to draw the conclusions of the project and portray the future works and limitations of the research work. Keywords - Amazon Cognito, VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon Rekognition, IAM (Identity and Access Management), Databases.