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Caregivers’ Participation in Local Government Organizations

The purpose of this research was to study the level of participation in organization management affecting the caregiver network of local government organizations. In case study: Bang KhonthiSubdistrict Administrative Organization ,SamutSongkhram Province and to compare the level of organizational management participation. The population of the research was 87 people who had to give some information for data based. The data collection instrument was rating scale questionnaire with .95 reliability coefficient. The data analysis was done by the a calculation of means, standard a deviation, Independent Samples t-test and F-test (one way ANOVA) It was found from the study that, Most of them were female, 48 persons, 55.2%, male 39 people, 44.8% were over 61 years old, 40 people, 46.0%, followed by 30 years old, 24 people, 27.6% and 31 years -60 years, 23 people, 26.4%, occupation 31 farmers, 35.6%, followed by general employment, 23 people, 26.4%, other occupations, 12 people, 13.8% are civil servants / government employees number 11 people, 12.6 percent and 10 people engaged in personal / trading business, 11.5 percent respectively, with average monthly income Found that most have income between 6,001-9,000 baht, 35 people, 40.2 percent, followed by income from 9,001 baht or more, 29 people, 33.3 percent and the least With lower income of 6,000 baht, 23 people, 26.5 percent, with the level of education found that most graduated lower than upper secondary school, number of 42 people, 48.3 percent, followed by finishing high school, 32 people, 36.8 percent and high end 13 upper secondary students, 14.9%.Caregiver’s Participation in Local Government Organizations, it was found that the overall level was at a high level (xˉ = 3.70) When considering each item in sequence, the average values in the first 3 highest rank were: commanding (xˉ = 3.84), planning (xˉ = 3.75), coordinating (xˉ = 3.66), controlling (xˉ = 3.65) and organizing (xˉ = 3.60) respectively. By comparison of members of the caregiver network of Bang KhonthiSubdistrict Administrative Organization with different gender, occupation and average income per month had participation in organization management and individual in overall and each aspect indifferently. There are a number of factors, according to ages participated and educational level in overall difference with statistical significance at .05 Keywords - Participation, Caregiver, Local Government Organizations.