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The Idea of Pathos in Oratorical Art - Charisma’s Passionate Force

This paper presents a hermeneutical analysis of charisma correlated with the oratorical element called pathos. The manner in which a speaker manages to persuade masses of people is based both on his oratorical skills, the so-called ethos, and on the emotional value of the delivered message that generates passions at the auditory level. If, in antiquity, the elements of the oratorical triad were considered to be separate parts, the most recent researches questioned this and propose the existence of a strong connection between ethos and pathos. The binder of this connection is charisma. The articles analyses the charisma of two emblematic speeakers to emphasize the existence of the orator’s passionate force. Keywords - Ethos, Pathos, Charisma, Speech, Oratoric.