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Exploring Perceptions of University English for Specific Purposes Courses: A Case Study of KWU's ESP Curriculum

As a mismatch between English education at universities and demand in the job market grows, the Korean government and many universities have changed the direction of their education reform to provide English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. In this sense, we have analyzed Kyungwoon University's ESP courses by employing Q methodology and discovered three distinctive types: “Satisfied with contents”, “Involvement encouraged”, and “Self-motivation achieved”. In particular, the Q method was greatly useful for providing deeper insights into the 'right' directions of our future ESP courses: more field-based contents, learners-friendly classrooms, and linkage between ESP courses and extra-curricular activities. Keywords - Kyungwoon University, Global Skills and Employability (GSE), English for Specific Purposes (ESP),Q-Method