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Virtual Presentation Inlearning Programming : A Descriptive Analysis

Virtual presentation is an effective way of verbalization of knowledgeto support technology-mediated learning. This study demonstrates how virtual presentation technologyhas enabledactive learning engagement, enhance students’ understanding on difficult topic and nurturing their creativity. This paper introducesthe issues of implementing virtual presentation, suggests the implementation frameworkand reports the results of finding from a descriptive analysis. A group of studentsfrom the Degree of Computer Sciences program in Universiti Teknologi MARA, MALAYSIA,has been asked to participate in the online survey to respond on their perception and attitudes on virtual presentation. These students have been exposed with virtual presentation for three semesters that used as their programming assignments and projects submissions. Generally, the results of this study indicate that the virtual presentation has given a beneficial impact to the students. Keywords - Programming, Data Structure Course, Teaching, Learning, Virtual Presentation.