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Supporting deeper reading across the nation Outspread of Effective Teaching Methodologies in Language and Literature Classrooms

The paper will present a National project of Ministry od Education realized by National Institute for Education. The project title is Capacity Building for Teachers‘ Practices Improvement within Schools and Educational System (hereinafter „PPUC“). The project is realized on the background of the current curricular reform in the Czech Republic and a stable unsatisfactory results of the Czech 15 years old students indicated within national and international literacy outcomes research. The paper evaluates the actual literacy debate and introduces a concept of literacy used in the Framework of the project to readers. Further on the paper presents the processes and partial results of capacity building strategies used within schools to support teachers‘ contribution to the reform aims. The paper focuses on comparison of the strategies and results indicated in schools across the nation with the project assistance and without it (original research). To conclude the paper lists some draft conclusions and recommendations the project currently provides the Ministry and latter authorities within the system including teachers them selves, school principals, regional authorities and the academic world. Keywords - Literacy, Deeper Reading, Students’ Reading Engagement, Literary Imagination, Evaluation of Text/Author Aim, Reading Metacognition, Sharing of Literary Experience With Classmates, Teachers’ Learning Communities, Reading Mentoring.