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Proactive IT Organization

Over the years, the use of Information Technology (IT) support services has proved to be time-consuming for the customers and employees in any IT organization. Many chose not to include particular issues when reporting in such user support services, leading to reduced business productivity, low confidence levels that affect employee morale. As technology evolving rapidly, customers begin to embrace high-tech trends and business lead the implementation of new technology in their workplace. The attempt to bring new technologies by customers will greatly advance business productivity and efficiency. While there’s been a lot of debate about IT role and how IT can be ahead of business to drive innovation, automate business processes and to implement new technologies. It goes without saying that technology has become an integral part of any business operations. However, managing customer demands becoming a load, which impact resources from strategic planning and distribution. IT organizations should be proactive to provide a robust in delivering business applications and meeting their demands. This white paper is intended to demonstrate how IT can be proactive and ahead of business to gain a competitive advantage through IT that is measurable and cost effective. Keywords - Proactive IT organization, Customer Engagement, Strategic Alignment, Digitalization.