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Study of Dictionary use in French Classes of Thai Learners

The purpose of this study was to analyze the dictionary use and problems in dictionary use in French classes of Thai learners. The sample group was 50 students of Tourism Management majoring courses who study French as an elective course, Faculty of Management Science, Silpakorn University, Thailand. The data was collected by using questionnaires and interviews. The quantitative data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics. The qualitative data was analyzed by using content analysis. The result of the research revealed that the most commonly used dictionary format is the bilingual dictionary. The most commonly used dictionary type is the dictionary in mobile phone applications. The most common problem in using bilingual dictionaries is that the dictionary definition does not match the context. The most common problem in using a monolingual dictionary is not understanding the meaning of the dictionary. The suggestions for instruction management are 1) Teaching how to use and how to read various symbols in the dictionary, 2) Teaching in reading and interpretation from context, and 3) Raising awareness about the limitations in using the Google Translate. Keywords - Dictionary use, French as a Foreign Language, Thailand