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Banking Scenes and Directions Among The Z Generation

The ever-accelerating way of digitalisation, the changed circumstances and the expectations are visible in the every aspect of life. Online existence, online administration, shopping, and the ever-expanding communication channels giving new expectations and challenges to every organization, so to banks as well. Increasingly rapid and profound changes are often challenging in many cases, but in many cases they mean opportunities for all players in the economy. The Z generation differs from previous generations in many aspects. They referred to as the always-online generation, have a very different attitude and approach. These youngsters are the banks’ cosutomers in the future, so strategic change is essential for the parties. The aim of this study is to give an overview of the banking scenes and the popular banking trends of the Z-generation based on the results of a nation-wide questionnaire reseach. With the help of this study we can see the attitude of the individual segmentation groups towards the banks, which helps us determine better the future of the banks in the coming years. JEL Code - G15-Digitalisation, Banking Trends, Bank Systems, Financial Services