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Mobbing in a Statutory Organization: Theoretical Assumptions of the Research

Mobbing as a social phenomenon is usually presented in scientific literature through the prism of cause and effect analysis. Researchers often point out that its damage is felt not only by the individual, but also by the organization itselfvia losses in quality of performance and efficiency, increased sickness rate and staff turnover, costs of recruiting and training, etc. Statutory organizations due to the nature of their activities are rather private, making it more difficult for researchers to analyze them and they only disclose their internal processes in a very fragmentary way.Therefore, topics such as bullying, discrimination are not publicly and widely discussed although from the perspective of organizational culture research, it is clear that these social processes may also be relevant to them. Taking this into account, the question arises as to what the potential for mobbing research in statutory organizations at the national level is. The object of the research is theoretical assumptions of mobbing in a statutory organization while the aim is to present them. Research methods include a comparative meta-analysis of scientific and legal literature used to collect research data and classical content analysis methods for processing said data. Conclusions are drawn at the end of the article. Keywords - Mobbing, Bullying, Statutory Organization, Comparative Document Analysis.