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Methodological Challenges in Studying The Students’ Development of The 4CS Skills Through Global PBL at Senior High Schools in Indonesia

Infusing the 4Cs (Creativity and Innovation, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Communication, and Collaboration) of the 21st century skills in the learning process is mandated by the Indonesian revised 2013 Curriculum. Achieving these outcomes is closely associated with the teacher, and involves using a teaching model appropriate to enabling the fostering the skill set. Implementing Global Project-based Learning in extracurricular activities is suggested as a promising teaching model to assist the teacher to develop the 4Cs skills of the students. The purpose of this study to investigate the extent to which the Global Project-based Learning in extracurricular setting might have improved the development of the 4Cs skills as perceived by the teachers and students in Indonesia. However, the focus of this paper is methodological challenges faced by the researcher, as the novice researcher rather than the findings of the study. Particular challenges in implementing case study, including the defining the keys terminologies, semi-structured interview, observation, and focus group used, are discussed. Keywords - The 4Cs Skills, Global PBL, the 21st Century Learning, the 2013 Curriculum.