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The Development of QUR’AN Writing Application for Mobile Learning

Writing is a language activity for pouring ideas or concepts. We can write in the form of character or number a systematic way so that we can understand the subject more accessible. Writing is one of the essential abilities in the learning process, besides the abilities to read and to memorize. Learning and understanding the Qur'an is the main exercises in Qur'an subject. However, with the development of technology such as smartphones, writing habits can shift from book to device. That is due to the convenience and practicality offered by smartphones such as the writing can be written repeatedly, and can be done anywhere and anytime compared to traditional writing. and the result is their ability to write with their hands is lower than their reading ability. We can see in the Qur'anic studying, student writing ability is less than the ability to read and memorize. In this research mobile learning applications used as one of the solutions to improve writing skills, because the benefits of this mobile learning application. The smartphone potentially to enhance as the complement of writing subject. The positive impact of writing Al-Qur'an character using smartphone is that we can calculate the similarity. This method reduce the teacher task in evaluate of student activity. Keywords - Al-Qur’an, Mobile Learning, Writing