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Entrepreneurial Skills in Tourism Small and Medium Enterprises (A Case Study on Small and Medium Enterprise in Aceh)

Indonesia is an archipelago nation consisting of 34 provinces. One of them is Aceh Province which is geographically located at the tip of the island of Sumatra, which has and offers attractive tourism potential for domestic and foreign tourists. Aceh Province has developed the potential for halal tourism which is expected to be a unique tourism brand and as a form of government concern in managing the tourism industry. Data in 2017 showed an increase in the number of tourist arrivals to 2.9 million tourists from 2016, consisting of 2.8 million domestic tourists and 78 thousand international tourists. This research is focused on studies to improve the business performance of entrepreneurs in Aceh's tourism industry by utilizing competitive advantage with triggering variables including entrepreneurial skills (ES), knowledge management (KM), and leadership style (LS). The location of this study is a tourist destination in four districts/ cities, Simeulue, Aceh Besar, Banda Aceh,and Sabang. The population of this research is tourism entrepreneurs in four regencies/cities. Respondents of this study are the owners and managers of this tourism company as many as 400 respondents from 300 tourism entrepreneurs. Data analysis tools used in this study are quantitative analysis using the CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis), SEM (Structural Equation Model) with AMOS and SPSS for descriptive analysis. The results of this study point out that the business performance of Aceh's tourism business is significantly influenced by entrepreneurial skills (ES), knowledge management (KM), and leadership style (LS). The results also show that to improve the business performance of Aceh's tourism entrepreneurs can be done by participating in various training courses so that new information and development ideas can be obtained as well as the need for transparency in managing the company's finances. Therefore, it is recommended for further research to continue to develop research related to the three variables above in more depth both empirically qualitative and quantitative in order to support the development of the halal tourism industry in Aceh. Keywords - Entrepreneurial Skill, Knowledge Management, Leadership Style, Business Performance.