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Informal Social Care in Greece: The Kingdome of The Undeclared Work

The population in the most developed parts of the world is aging. Births are decreasing dramatically, while older people survive much longer than in the past, due to an increase in the overall standard of living associated with better treatments and medicines, preventive medicine, healthy nutrition, physical activity, reduction of accidents and various other factors. Expansion of the life span causes an increased need for social care services, which also entail increased costs. A large number of countries are unable to secure the resources needed to set up a public social care system that could meet the increased needs. These countries also include Greece, whose situation has worsened due to the economic crisis that occurred in 2014.In this paper we are attempting to analyze the characteristics of this undeclared social work through an empirical approach based on a number of in-depth interviews with members of all groups involved. The basic conclusion is that an effective regulation of the sector is almost impossible under the present circumstances on the one hand, but the system functions satisfactory for both, caregivers and customers, on the other. Keywords - Informal Social Care, Undeclared Work, Greece, Caregivers