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Digital Forensic Readiness for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia

The robust information technology in industry 4.0 changes the way people conduct their business. The e-commerce, e-money, and the growth of technology-based start-up companies are the impact of technology development. However, the improvement of information technology also creates a new opportunity for the fraudster, hackers, and other criminals to attack and exploits any weaknesses in the information system. Any organization, including the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are vulnerable from this fraudster and hackers because most of them utilize ICT, especially for marketing in the business process. In order to investigate any incident in the information system, a digital forensic investigation is a necessity. Digital forensic contributes to acquire, preserve, examine, and present digital evidence appropriately and legally to be used in the investigation. However, the cost of a digital forensic examination is quite expensive and will burden the organization financial budget. Moreover, to recover the negative impact of cyber-attack also time-consuming and costly. Therefore, the preparation and readiness of digital forensic are necessary. This paper elaborates the concepts of digital forensic readiness and its application in Indonesia’s MSMEs. Exploratory on document analysis of the law of MSMEs and digital forensic literature are used to explains the condition in Indonesia. Then, the results show that types of industry, management awareness, human resources, and financial are the primary attentions of digital forensic readiness application in the MSMEs. Furthermore, the decision to implement digital forensic readiness should consider the cost-and benefit analysis. Keywords - Digital Forensic Readiness, Information System, Small Medium Enterprises, Security Policies