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Impact of Negative Polarity on Consumer Behavior in an Electronic Environment

Internet use has recently become an important tool among other communication technologies. In this sense, internet has evolved to two-way information sharing through web 2.0 technology. Consumers do not only use internet to obtain information but also want to share their opinion/satisfaction or dissatisfaction about products and/or services they have purchased. Thus, internet has become the widely used a tool for information sharing because it is easy to access, fast and costs you cheaper. Buying and consumer behavior of internet users has been discussed by many researchers in the literature since 2000s (particularly after 2004 when the use of web 2.0 technology became widespread). However, there is only a few of studies which discuss the complaints/dissatisfaction that we call negative polarity. Our objective in this study is to bring in, develop and investigate in further detail the concept of negative polarity. Within the study, we intend to analyze the comments of internet users as well as information through a questionnaire. The data from the questionnaire will be analyzed by SPSS. Projects will attempt to determine the relationship between the negative polarity and the buying and consumer behaviors with an empirical study. This present study aims at revealing how comments (positive or negative) and information sharing in the internet environment affect buying and consumer behavior of internet users as a consumer. Keywords- Purchasing Desicion Process, Viral Marketing, SPSS, Negatif polarity, Electronic Word-Of-Mouth (e-WOM)