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Control of Delivery Time for Construction Projects in Sudan through Implementation of Value-Added Engineering

The problem of delays in the construction industry is a global phenomenon. In many cases only 30% of construction projects were completed within the scheduled completion dates and the average time overrun is between 10% and 30%. Failure to achieve targeted time, budgeted cost and specified quality led to various unexpected negative impacts on the projects. The primary aim of this paper is to investigate the control of delivery time in construction projects in Sudan. The study aimed to highlight the real and current condition of implementing Value Added Engineering (VAE) to control the project delivery time. Descriptive analysis including interviews, questionnaires and discussion meeting were employed for data collection. Two clients, two consultant companies and one contractor were selected for this study. Analyses from respondents revealed that the root causes of the delivery delay in construction projects are due design changes, late information, additional stakeholders’ requirements, poor coordination and communication, undefined scope, delay in approval as well as the quality of contractors and sub-contractors. Most of the interviewed respondents agreed that Sudan construction projects need special project management consultancy to control project delivery time through implementation of VAE while others recommended that VAE must be adopted as a legal term of contract in any construction project. Overall, majority of the respondents indicated that several considerations such as approval of materials and shop drawings on time, better communication between contractors and consultants, any changes in scope to be addressed earlier and VAE to start early in project must be taken into account to improve the implementation of VAE in order to control the project delivery time in Sudan construction projects. Keywords - Global Phenomenon, Construction Projects, Value Added Engineering (VAE), Sub-Contractors