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Analysis on the Optimized Development Path of China's Cruise Exhibition Industry

In recent years, there are increasingly abundant cruise market products in China. After only 10 years, the cruise industry in China has become the world's second largest cruise source market and the most dynamic and promising regional emerging market in the world. Under this background, the cruise exhibition industry provides an effective platform for enterprises and cruise companies to communicate, effectively promoting trade growth and industrial progress and playing an important role in promoting regional economic development. Although China's cruise exhibition industry started late, it has been developing rapidly as an important emerging industry in service trade. How to effectively promote the development of cruise economy and explore the development path of cruise exhibition industry with Chinese characteristics is one of the common concerns for exhibition operators and cruise industry participants. This paper focuson the development path of China's cruise exhibition industry, and identifies the development characteristics of China's cruise exhibition industry and problems in the development process by drawing on the successful experience of domestic and foreign cruise exhibition industry, so as to put forward pertinent optimization paths and have a clearer grasp of the development trend of China's cruise exhibition industry. Keywords - Cruise Exhibition, Conference and Exhibition Industry, Development Path