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A Case Study On The Application Of Social Media Analytical And Management Tools

This paper details a review of social media management and analytical tools, and their subsequent application to a new small business venture. The research employed a case study approach applied to a modest takeaway business, which involved implementing strategic social media marketing, and promotion in seven popular social media sites. These included: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and TripAdvisor. Moreover, the case study also involved monitoring the business�s social media footprint where is was managed individually as well as with three SMM tools viz, Sendible, Hootsuite & Buffer. Recorded for analysis was the time consumed in each approach in an attempt to compare the time efficiency of each method. The produced social media analytics of the selected social media sites were studied in an attempt to determine the utility of each using some metrics, including most user viewed social media applications. Further, the social media analytics data was coupled with sales data of the business to explore their combined potential use for improving business performance. The results reveal that as expected SMM tools are more time efficient as compared to individual manual management of social media apps. Additionally, of the seven investigated social media tools: Facebook and Google+ had the highest recorded levels of engagement.