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Social Media rule in Election Campaigns: A case study of Safa AL Hashem, the only Elected Woman in Kuwait’s Parliament 2016

In Kuwait, like most other democratic countries among the world, women are rarely represented in the parliament. Safa Al Hashem is the only woman that could success in the Kuwait assembly elections (Parliament) inj 2016 among fifty members! This paper analyses the content of Safa’s Instagram account to find whether that content played a significant rule of her success or not. The scholar used image – photo, video, or graphic illustration as the unit of analysis for coding themes, frames, and structural features. Captions accompanying images were also considered in coding ideas and frameworks of images. Coding categories are explained later in this section. Al Hashem posted nighty posts during the election campaign from October 16, 2016 to November 26, 2016. All the posts included in this study. The research found that Al Hashem focused on females in her campaign and affected their voting direction toward her obviously Keyterms - Social Media, Kuwait Assembly, Political Media, Instagram, Female Parliament Member.