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Strength Properties of Concrete with Partial Utilization of South African Waste Foundry Sand

At present the foundry industries incur considerable cost in discarding Waste Foundry Sand (WFS) to the nearest designated landfill sites. The existing landfill sites are also under pressure due to reducing life span because of increasing waste received annually. There is a strong need to address this challenge around foundry industries through innovative options, which aims to address cost reduction in waste handling, and environmental challenges. Recycle of greater part of this wastes are well thought-out the best environmental substitute for resolving the disposal problem in South Africa. This paper presents study on strength properties of concrete made with WFS as natural sand replacement. Natural sand for concrete was substituted at 30 %, 70 %, and 100 % of WFS by weight at W/C ratio of 0.40. The properties of the concretes with the various partial replacements of WFS which were evaluated at ages of 7 and 28 days were compared to the relevant control mixes (with 0 % WFS). The results showed a remarkable reduction on the strength performance of concrete with certain WFS percentage replacement. It was established that strength properties of concrete were enhanced for a usage of up to 30 % WFS as a partial replacement of natural sand. The research outcomes put forward that WFS can effectively replace natural sand in concrete for achieving the ecological construction. The replacement through incorporation of WFS in concrete can be used as an alternative building technology material in construction. Keywords - Concrete, Waste Foundry Sand, Crusher Sand, Strength Test