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Yellow-Green SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ Phosphor: An Assured Election for Increasing Luminous Flux and Color Quality of White Light-Emitting Diodes

This paper described in detail the advantage of chromatic homogeneity and luminous output of multi-chip white LED lamps (MCW-LEDs) in producing the greatest luminous efficiency. Firstly, Eu2+-activated strontium–barium silicate (SrBaSiO4:Eu2+) need to be mixed with their phosphor compounding, which has a notable impact on lighting performance. In addition, when the concentration of yellow-green-emitting SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ phosphor tends to increase, it promotes the development of color uniformity and the luminous efficacy of MCW-LEDs with average correlated color temperatures (CCT) of 8500 K whereas the color quality scale shows signs of gradual decline. The appropriate choice of concentration and size of SrBaSiO4:Eu2+ is the principal factor to decide the performance of MCW-LEDs. Keywords - WLEDs, SrBaSiO4:Eu2+, Luminous Flux, Color Quality Scale, Mie-Scattering Theory.