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Excellence in Quality Education through Implementation of Strategic Framework and SMART KPIs in Higher Education Institutes

A strategic framework for the excellence in higher education has been presented in this research. The major input to the frameworks is the requirement of regulatory bodies, need and expectations of customers. The complete components of strategic framework are discussed in this paper, which are supported by the SMART KPIs. To measure the effectiveness of strategic objectives, SMART Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed, which are continuously monitored by the management. These key performance indicators not only mitigate the risk but are also helpful to focus organization towards the higher HEI ranking as well as the quality assurance throughout the institution. The KPIs are used to define the objective for the management to different level of leadership and management. It has been observed, that the implementation strategic approach has not only increased performance of the NED University but also reduced the audit observations recorded during the internal and surveillance audits. Keywords - Higher Education Institute, Key Performance Indicators, SMART, Strategic Framework